How to install MyStoreFront

Unzip the file

Upload the contents to your web server

Use the tables following each section to help

Using a text editor, open the file web.config and find the section that looks like this:
    <add key="metaDescription" value="your website description goes here"/>
    <add key="metaKeywords" value="keywords, separated by commas (,)"/>
    <add key="metaTitle" value="Your Title goes here"/>
    <add key="siteTheme" value=""/>

Enter your site info

Save the file and upload it to your server. If it asks you if you want to overwrite the old file, click yes.

Open the file store.xml (It is found in the App_Data folder)

Go to the section that looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<store mainPageContent="" footerContent="" taxRate="" url="" name="" tagline="" cartId="" cartProvider="">
    <module name="" content=""/>
    <module name="" content=""/>

Enter your information

Property Name What goes in it
mainPageContent What you want the home page to say
footerContent What you want your Footer to say (copyright, email address) – to get a ©, type &#169;
taxRate Your tax rate
url Your website address (with http://)
name Your website name
tagline Your tagline or other message
cartId Your mals-e cart id
cartProvider The cart that you use – right now the only one that works is Mals-e

Setup your categories
  <category name="Category Name" url="~/MyStoreFront/?=Category Name">
    Sub categories go here

Category properties
Property Name What goes in it
Name Name of the category
url Always ~/MyStoreFront/?=[categoryname] where [categoryname] is what you named the category

There is always a sub category

Setup your sub categories
  <category name="Category Name" url="~/MyStoreFront/?=Category Name">
    <category name="Sub Category Name" url="~/MyStoreFront/?=Category Name">
      Items go here

Sub category properties are the same as category properties

Setup items
      <item name="Sample Item"
      manufacturer="Some Company"
      description="This is a sample item, replace it with a real item"
          <option name="Color">
            <choice code="BL" name="Blue" price="0.00"/>
            <choice code="GR" name="Green" price="0.00"/>
            <choice code="OR" name="Orange" price="0.00"/>
            <choice code="YE" name="Yellow" price="0.00"/>
            <choice code="GL" name="Gold Plated" price="4.00"/>

Item Properties
Property Name What goes in it
name Name of the item
productCode Your stock code
picture The picture that you want to use for the item (See Pictures)
manufacture The item’s manufacture
showOnFrontPage Show on the front page - true or false
description The Item description
shippingUnits The shipping units, this can be weight, size, or (set up in mals)
price The item’s base price

Option Properties
Property Name What goes in it
name This can be size, color, pattern, or other

Choice Properties
Property Name What goes in it
code This is a code you add to your stock code to indicate an option
name This is the name of the choice
price The amount that the option changes the base price. Can be negative

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